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Have you heard of Telomeres?

telomeresTelomeres, discovered about 75 years ago by Hermann Muller, have attracted global attention especially by scientists studying the human aging process. Telomeres are protective caps found on the chromosomes ends. They are composed of DNA sequences, which protect our genetic material and DNA from any form of harm or damage.

Normally, when a cell divides telomeres tend to shorten. When telomeres shorten too much to the extent that they reach the Hay flick limit, their protective capacity reduces. Telomeres tend to shorten further as we age. For instance, a newborn baby’s telomeres length is about 8000base pairs, when it reaches it adult stage the telomeres length is about 3000 and at its elderly stage the telomeres shorten further to about 1500 base pairs.

Why do Telomeres Shorten?

There are various pathological processes and forms of disease linked to telomere shortening. Through a thorough study of these diseases and pathological processes several academic laboratories have found ways in which to slowdown telomere shortening.

Telomere shortening can also be attributed to unhealthy lifestyles such as drug and substance abuse, smoking, too much physical activity, oxidative stress and some psychosocial factors such as anxiety and depression. Oxidative stress can be simply defined as the overabundance of the reactive oxygen species to damage of lipids, proteins and DNA.

As a way of countering oxidative stress, plasma concentration and antioxidant intake has been highly encouraged.

Oxidative stress usually occurs under poor health conditions. In order to prevent it, antioxidants and specific enzymes such as catalase, which converts harmful, DNA damaging hydrogen peroxide in the body into water, are required.

Isagenix Product B To Help You Save Telomeres?

product-b-isagenixIn view of this, Isagenix partnered with Arizona State University to carry out a scientific study on the effects of product B on the body’s catalase and other enzymes.

Product B in its third generation comprises a blend of antioxidants, plant botanicals and other bioactives that protect cellular systems against telomere shortening. When conducting the study, it was difficult to obtain clinical support for product B as a possible natural product to prevent telomere shortening since it was hard to attain accurate measurements on telomere length.

This therefore required a study of environmental, dietary and lifestyle factor effects on telomere length to be conducted on thousands of study participants.

The study subjects were required to take a placebo or product B over a period of 12 days. After the 12 days the levels of catalase in the body was measured. It was observed that those who consumed product B indicted higher levels of catalase in the body compared to those who consumed a placebo.

The results were received with excitement, considering the role that catalase plays in the aging process. Many people also like to point out the fact that this can help boost brain function and cognitive enhancement. This goes without saying that pure nootropic supplements containing similar ingredients could produce the same effect. Cogniflex is one such product under the microscope that needs further evaluation.

This has led to Isagenix production of the fourth generation Product B, which comprises of lipid soluble blend in order to increases bio-availability and absorption.

A healthy diet accompanied by stress and weight management, sufficient and quality sleep with regular exercise is some of the most effective ways to protect against telomere shortening and a healthy aging process.