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Kangen Water is water that has been trademarked due to it being made via ionization technology. The technology behind the water is from the Enagic Company. The purpose of the ionized water is the alleviation of issues that tend to arise through the use of traditional water options.

Kangen Water Filtration By The Enagic Company

kangen enagic water reviewsEnagic Kangen is a company that is based within Japan and it has been in business for more than thirty years. This company began in 1974, as a smaller division of the iconic Sony Company. The first water filtration system was produced in the year 2000, and in 2003, international distribution commenced. The distribution began via the offices located in Hawaii and LA, Tai Pei.

By the year 2004, the company’s New York Office opened followed in 2004 by the opening of the United States headquarters [Enagic USA] in the city of Torrance, California. Currently, the Enagic Company has offices within the following locations, and within the near future, the company is planning to open additional international offices:

— The USA
— Canada
— Australia
— Korea
— India
— Mexico
— Tokyo
— Europe
— Hong Kong
— Taiwan
— Singapore

The Different Uses For Kangen Water Filtrated Waters

This product is able to provide consumers with a pH range of 8.5 to 9.5, which happens to be ideal for healthy cooking as well as for drinking. It is able to restore a person’s body to a state that is more alkaline, that in turn optimizes overall health.

Once you begin to Kangen water throughout the day, you will begin to notice that it tastes lighter while presenting a flavor that is pleasantly sweet. This is a stark contrast to the unpleasant odor and taste that accompanies tap water.

Food Preparation
The flavors of your foods are enhanced when boiled in Enagic Kangen Water. Additionally, you are able to properly and thoroughly clean fish, fruits and vegetables with the ionized water. Due to the stated, there is less of a need for salt and condiments for the enhancement of flavors.

Tea and Coffee
When your favorite hot beverages are prepared with Kangen Water, consumers find themselves impressed by the impeccable aroma, taste and color. Additionally, less tea or coffee will need to be utilized in order for a full rich taste to be achieved. This is due to the extractable abilities of Kangen Enagic Water.

The ionized water provided by the Enagic Company is able to expressly provide life as well as freshness to the plants within your home. The water itself is able to improve the development of seeding and germination stimulation.

The Kangen Enagic Business Opportunity

The Enagic Company has the philosophy that is best described as “True Health”. This encompasses all aspects of Kangen Enagic Water as well as the business opportunity that they offer. This results in a Kangen compensation plan that is contended to quite fair. You are able to purchase a system and become a distributer. You are paid on a total of eight levels as you advance through team sales. Every time you achieve an increase in rank, your commission does as well. For instance, at the 2A level, you are able to receive commission of upwards of $570.

Should you sell within a period of 90 days of your first sale, you will receive $50 SP. It does need to be noted that the commission structure is comprised of eight points. This translates into eight points being paid out for every machine that is sold while how high you are able to rank will determine how many of the point you actually receive. Every point within the structure is worth $275.