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Fuxion is a business, started by Alvaro Zuniga Benavides, that enables small business.

fuxion-prolife-multinivelAs a company Fuxion provides products, the intelligence, and the opportunity for sellers to start their own private business in the health and wellbeing industry.

Fuxion centers on a holistic view of wellness: one of balance between physical, financial, and emotional health. With that goal, they focus primarily on seven areas: sports, weight loss, anti-aging, immune system, mental vigor, women, and children.

As a business practice, they incorporate two network marketing strategies: the binary and multilevel systems for greater success, not only for themselves but their clients as well.

Fuxion – Social and Cognitive Health

Fuxion starts by teaching people not only about the product, but also how to have success and inspire others to reach their goals. This is part of the emotional well-being that they believe in. This is done primarily through the Leadership school.

At the Leadership school, individuals are introduced to the various High Impact Programs that Fuxion developed. These programs are designed to help consumers reach emotional and personal growth goals. By utilizing this product and achieving results, sellers will be more capable of spreading the success of the Fuxion market, as well as tailor it to the needs of each varying customer.


Fuxion offers several methods for financial well-being as well. With their binary and multilevel versions of network marketing, they have over 15 ways for businesses to succeed in their program. They guarantee success for both part-time and full-time businesses.

The first requirement is an entrepreneur code, or getting licensed in the United States. Then Fuxion is contacted, the business is verified, and contact is made with other Fuxion independent entrepreneurs. This allows for the creation of a community to help one improve marketing techniques and provide advice for new entrepreneurs on how to succeed.

This system is based on several key components: commitment, responsibility, loyalty, respect, gratitude and building. Commitment is necessary for success: a commitment to be mentored and to provide the time to build the business. Members must be responsible to fulfill all promises and goals, and attend all meetings, teaching others to do the same. Fuxion expects sellers to only use their product and not any from competitors, have gratitude when progress is made and share that success with the team, and a continue process of building—building excellence, relationships, and reputation.

Physical Health With Fuxion

The soft drinks, smoothies, and teas produced by Fuxion, aid in weight loss and healthy living. Fuxion products have over 1500 active ingredients from natural foods. These include green tea, passion fruit extract, royal jelly, curcumin, aloe vera, soya extract, achiote, yacon extract, purple corn anthocyanin, acai berry, camucamu, and tamarind, all very healthy foods for the body. Fuxion then combines these elements into formulas placed in these beverages and claim to multiply the benefits in the body.

Overall, Fuxion provides a vast array of networks to meet the needs not only for themselves, but customers and sellers as well. They are a relational business, based on social marketing, whose goal is promoting holistic well-being in physical, financial, and emotional areas. They provide various beverages with natural components to promote physical health. Whereas the business aspect and leadership school promote financial and emotional well-being also.